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Get Counsel from an Experienced Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Research shows that almost 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. The prospect of divorce initiates a wide range of emotions and can be traumatic for most individuals. Hiring a divorce lawyer early in the process can ease some worries and may even help resolve your case quicker.


At the Law Office of Sara J. Saba, P.A. we offer caring counsel to our clients while providing high level negotiation skills and assertive representation. Our Miami divorce attorney is a experienced in family law and divorce and has the knowledge and over 13 years experience in navigating Florida Statutes and case laws.












For over 13 years, our Miami divorce lawyer has handled countless of contested divorces with competence, compassion, and personalized attention. Whether facing a high net worth divorce case or a mediation, our firm is committed to protecting your rights.


Are you considering divorce? Schedule an initial consultation with our firm when you call (305) 450-8009!


Avoiding Court During Your Divorce

The Law Office of Sara J. Saba, P.A., can also draft a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement for individuals who are looking to secure their finances in the event of a failed marriage or other life event. These agreements can significantly reduce the issues involved in divorce cases. Our Miami divorce attorney has the experience in drafting a sound and enforceable agreements, as well as providing counsel through both contested and uncontested divorces.

We handle all divorce-related issues, including:

We recommend our clients to consider these court-free approaches:

  • Mediation

  • Collaborative divorce


Large Amount of Assets Involved in Your Divorce? Call Us!

South Florida is home to high net worth divorce cases, with countless well-known celebrity divorces occurring every year..

Despite the familiarity, every high net-worth divorce presents its own complexities and challenges. At the Law Office of Sara J. Saba, P.A., we bring over 14 years of experience to these complex financial divorce cases and can help you navigate your high-asset divorce. We work collaboratively with accountants, private investigators, and other experts to provide the best outcome in each individual case.  Our Miami divorce attorney is meticulous and knowledgeable in handling the financial components of your case.  We make sure that every penny you have contributed in your marriage is accounted for.

We assess and value all contributions to the financial status of your marriage including:

  • Large estates / homes

  • Vacation homes and other real estate

  • Successful businesses

  • Professional practices

  • Valuables such as art collections and jewelry

  • Other high-value property (cars, boats, etc.)

High Net Worth

Our skilled high asset divorce lawyer can help you!

Schedule an initial consultation when you call (305) 450-8009.

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