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Child custody and visitation arrangements have a far-reaching impact on the children of the divorced parents. Children have a basic need to feel loved and be cared for by both parents. When one parent, however, needs to move away, some obstacles become inevitable. Job offers or military assignments can require a move across country. Family situations may dictate a move to another part of the state.  The relocation will have a profound impact on one parent’s time with the children. For all of these reasons, relocation cases must be handled through the family courts if there is no agreement.

Call Our Miami Child Custody Attorney

Whether you are seeking to relocate with or without your children—or if your children’s other parent is moving—you need to take steps to protect your relationship with your children and your legal rights.

At the Law Office of Sara J. Saba, P.A. we have over 13 years of experience handling these complex situations. One of our Miami child custody lawyer is experienced in family law and knows how to navigate such matters. You can trust your case to our firm.

Finding Favorable Relocation Resolutions

Many things need to be considered when child custody and visitation are affected by the move. The primary concern is the best interests of the children.

While a parental move changes your family dynamics, it is possible to reach an agreement with the other parent that protects and promotes your children’s relationships with both of you. Our firm can help you mediate a workable agreement regarding a move-away petition. We strive for changes to existing court orders that allow the children to continue to have a meaningful relationship with both parents.

Our goal is to help you come to an agreement that works for you, the other parent, and your children. If the situation, however, becomes a contentious move-away battle, our Aventura family lawyer can vigorously advocate for your position.

         The Law Office of Sara J. Saba, P.A., provides attentive help to both relocating and non-relocating parents in move-away situations. Call us today at (305) 450-8009 to arrange a consultation.

Schedule a initial consultation today. Call (305) 450-8009 or submit a case evaluation form. 

When a relocation occurs, our attorneys can guide parents through obtaining modifications:

  • Child custody arrangements

  • Visitation schedules

  • Support orders

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